Thursday, August 13, 2009

EnD oF ThIS SEM's ExAM!!

Just now morning just finish our last exam paper for this sem.. Bt somehow, i stil felt quite depressed as i afraid i would fail one or two of my subject.. Hopefully won't fail any subject at all.. Me and my friends tend to start enjoy ourselves with non-stop gaming and movie.. For the whole night.. Somehoe, i felt we're really a bit nuts wanx.. Hahaz.. Felt extremely tired with all those moving around and because i didn't sleep for a few days ad.. Wakakaz.. Eye lids damn heavy already.. O.o.. Felt like sleepin and also the urge for gaming at the same time.. XD

Sunday, August 9, 2009

One More Hour To Exam Time..

Haiz.. Only left less than one hour until our exam starts.. Yet still feel a bit confused by some of the things I studied.. Hopefully can still achieve good results which would be out of my reach.. Hahaz.. But only in my dreams lar definitely.. Now a days really felt that we don't have enough time to revise.. That's why me and my fellow frenz study very very frequently already.. O.o MaY ThE GoD BleSs U ALL In ThE UPCOminG ExAM!!


ExAm is juz around the corner.. Hahaz.. But i've started to hope that this weekend come faster than before. I want to go back to my home sweet home. But before that, i want to enjoy a day or 2 with my dearest friends.. Hahaz.. ^^

Saturday, August 8, 2009

BuSy 4 ExAmz..

What a havoc day preparing for our "Finals".. Actually i don't really notice that i could stay all night awake for a few days.. All of these were just to prepare for our exam.. Me n my whole gang members seem a bit weird in our way of study.. Hahaz.. Sometimes felt damn funny bout it.. We kept on studying for some time then unintentionally we started playing games.. "juz for the relaxation n fun" wor.. But it really help us to distress.. Better than all study no play makes us dumb lar.. Wakakaz.. Somehow quite enjoy my life in college.. With the up coming exam.. We tried to put in m0re effort rather than usual.. Some for a passing grade while some for flying colors.. But for me, i prefer to be average and get average gradings as i don't have high expectation.. ^^


Finally decided to start my very own blog.. Hahaz.. Now a days started 2 get a bit busy already.. Bt still tend to "squeeze" out some time to enjoy.. ^^ Nothing much to say on my 1st blog.. So juz as short as possible..